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About Slot Machines

Online Casinos offer a vast assortment of Slot Machines to choose from.

Slot Machines (or "One Armed Bandits" as they are commonly referred to) are by far the easiest casino games to play and also the least expensive. The instructions are very simple: deposit a coin (or many coins, depending on the machine) and pull the handle. Most machines clearly display a pay-chart stating the amount paid for each winning combination. Unlike old-fashioned machines (which first appeared in 1887 in San Francisco), the modern slots are controlled by intricate computer chips that determine every aspect of the game and the probability of winning.

According to many published reports, slot machines provide more than 40% of a casino's revenue - more than any other single gambling game. This amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars a year in Las Vegas and Atlantic City alone. The fact that most of this money is wagered in small denomination coins makes this statistic even more surprising. In other words, few people make their millions at slots. However, Slots are a fun and exciting game - and there are a couple ways of improving your chances:

1. Check the odds of each machine. Laws in all gambling states clearly regulate Slot Machines - and government inspection officials regularly check machines for accuracy. Talk to casino staff to determine your chances of winning. A general rule of thumb: the higher the value of coins (or dollars) that it requires - the higher the odds.

2. The odds of lining up three matching symbols are greater than the odds of lining up four symbols. Therefore, choose three reel-machines over four-reel machines. One exception to this is video slots machines, which often allow for multiple combinations and paylines.

3. Most Online Casinos offer odds that are similar to Vegas and Atlantic City, but it can vary greatly from site to site. The individual Casinos should be able to give you this information - so give them a call if you're unsure.

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Slot Tip:
Casinos don't hide or move their best slot machines around because the are affraid of someone finding them. The casino want these machines to be played because the more they are played the more other machines are played and the more money a casino can make.


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